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Unrivaled Results

Nothing is more effective for individual assessment and relationship building than the T-JTA. The T-JTA Profile reveals areas of struggle, clarifies challenges, provides encouragement for growth, and aids couples in understanding and enhancing their relationships – all on a single page.

What types of results are available?

Administrative Freedom

Assess clients anytime, anywhere in the world. The T-JTA can be taken remotely or in your office using any computer, tablet or smartphone. You can also enter responses from a paper administration. Whichever method you choose, you’ll get automatic scoring and instant results.

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Complete Control

Your Counselor Dashboard lets you manage all your tests and results from one place. View the completion status of remote assessments, initiate an in-session assessment or manually enter test data. Results are stored in your dashboard, so you can access them from any computer.

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Flexible Billing

Whatever your budgetary needs, T-JTA Online has you covered. You can pay directly for an assessment, have your client pay or draw from an account credit. There are no recurring subscription fees or hidden charges.

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