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PPI Application to Become an Authorized T-JTA Instructor


Title: First Name:
Last Name:
Account Number:
Address #1:
Address #2:
City: State:
Province: ZipCode:
Country: Telephone:
Email Address:

My T-JTA training will be offered in conjunction with a:
University or College Seminary Church Private Organization
Military or Gov't Agency
(Please Describe in Detail
If training is to be given at a school, please indicate the name of the school and its address.
If training is to be offered under the name or auspices of an organization other than a school give the name and address of the organization and its general purpose.

My T-JTA trainees will fall into the following categories:
Ministers Psychologists Marriage & Family Counselors
Pre-professional student in Psychology, Social Work, Education>
Other, Please specify

I am planning to conduct my first T-JTA training seminar or course on the following date:
Approximate number of participants: How many times a year will training be offered?
Describe your intended T-JTA training course of Seminar:

T-JTA Experience:
Number of years used: Approximate number of administrations:
In your own words, please describe your experience with the T-JTA:

Please check the edition of the T-JTA Test Manual you are using:
1984  Manual 1992  Manual 1996  Manual 2002  Manual
2006  Manual 2007  Manual 2012  Manual
If you have a T-JTA Handbook check the edition Year:
1984 Handbook 1992 Handbook 1996 Handbook 2002 Handbook
2006 Handbook 2007 Handbook 2012 Handbook
Please indicate the Year of the Newest Norm Tables you have:
1984 Norms 1992 Norms 1996 Norms 2002 Norms
2007 Norms 2012 Norms

The sale and use of the T-JTA is restricted in accordance with standards established by the professional counseling associations. In particular, a test user should have a general knowledge of measurement priciples and of the limitations of test interpretation. Therefore, the T-JTA is made available only to tose individuals who have obtained a relevant degree from or who are currently enrolled (Provisional Approval) in a college or seminary.
Are your training classes of seminars likely to include individuals who are not graduates of or enrolled in a college or seminary?
  Yes No

I agree to accept for T-JTA training only those persons who meet the requirements for eligibility to purchase and use the T-JTA as explained above and in the Instructor's Guidelines. I agree to have each trainee complete an Application to Purchase \Qualification Summary, and immediately upon the completion of training, I will collect, co-sign, and return these forms to Psychological Publications, Inc. for approval or have trainees complete application form online at
I agree with the above statement

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