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T-JTA® Handbook
New 2018 Edition!

Designed to accompany the T-JTA Test Manual, the T-JTA Handbook serves to strengthen and increase the counselor’s skills in using the T-JTA.  Eighteen chapters provide invaluable clinical training and actual test interpretations of selected cases. Each sample profile is discussed in the context of a clinical history, along with suggestions for using the T-JTA to encourage individual growth and change, and improve interpersonal relationships. The T-JTA Handbook contains information covering the following areas of T-JTA use:

• Administering the T-JTA
• Use and Interpretation of the T-JTA Profile
• The Meaning and Interpretation of Mid and Attitude Scale Scores
• The Meaning and Interpretation of the nine T-JTA Bipolar Personality Traits
• Detailed descriptions of how to use the T-JTA to assess individual functioning and relationships, to identify similarities, differences, or areas of misunderstanding
• T-JTA Trait Patterns
• Suggestions for using T-JTA test results to determine counseling or therapeutic goals, and to evaluate progress and change
• Discussing T-JTA Results with Counselees
• Interpreting a Complete T-JTA Marital Criss-Cross Testing with Quiz following
• Interpreting a Pre-marital Criss-Cross Testing
• Interpreting Adolescent Test Results
• Interpreting a Family Study
• Utilizing the T-JTA in Educational and Vocational Counseling
• Utilizing the T-JTA in Individual Counseling
• Ethical Considerations
• Statistical Explanations and Examples
•T-JTA Online Scoring Service
• Actual case examples are accompanied by clinical histories and detailed interpretations with 25 plotted T-JTA Profiles

The T-JTA Handbook is designed to strengthen and increase your T-JT-A testing skills.

T-JTA Audio Training Package

T-JTA® Audio Training Package
H. Norman Wright
4 Compact Disks

Now you can train to administer the T-JTA at your convenience with 6 hours of audio instruction recorded live at an actual training seminar by Dr. Wright! The comprehensive and easy-to-follow CDs demonstrate how to administer, score, and interpret the T-JTA when working with individuals or couples.  In addition, they provide a detailed overview of the T-JTA Trait Pattern Transparencies, essential for in-depth interpretations.  Audio training includes many other unique benefits:

• Demonstrates methods for asking tough questions
• Assists trained counselors to, in turn, train others
• Convenient for use in home or within organizations
• Appropriate for both individual and group training

The Audio Training Package (6 hours on CD, a complete set of Trait Pattern Transparencies, and a Training Syllabus) presents a step-by-step demonstration of the premarital process, including a plan for building ongoing programs to ensure continued education for newly married couples.

Recommended for use with Counseling and Testing by H. Norman Wright

T-JTA Audio Training Package
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Counseling and Testing with the T-JTA

This resource book is designed to help you understand and interpret the T-JTA and use it effectively in counseling. It includes specific characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of each trait, the most important questions on each trait, the importance of the relationship between the various traits, specific questions to use in counseling with each trait, and illustrations of how to effectively use the Criss-Cross in pre-marital and marital counseling and help couples understand and accept their differrences. Written with the  needs of clergy in mind, also included are biblical applications for each trait.

Counseling and Testing with the T-JTA
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