Includes Counselor's Guide and 10 MAI Booklets
Code MAI Marriage Assessment Inventory Pkg/10

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Marital Assessment Inventory (MAI)
H. Norman Wright

Qualification Level: A

Best Seller!

What the FHA is to premarital counseling, the MAI is to Marital Counseling – indispensable!  Use this evaluation/information gathering tool prior to the initial consultation, or during the process of marriage counseling. This quick and easy inventory serves several important purposes:
• It provides the counselor or minister with much of the data needed for planning prior to the first counseling session.
• It helps the couple to anticipate the kinds of concerns that will be discussed, and in that way helps to introduce them to the process of counseling.
• Answers to inventory questions also initiate changes in the ways in which spouses think about their objectives and can bring about some change before the first interview.
Included are sections on:
• Family Structure and Background
• Marital Preparation
• Personal Family Background
• Personal Information
• Marital Evaluation
• Current Levels of Satisfaction
• Spiritual Relationship
• Goals for Counseling
• Change and Commitment Level

Evaluate and Identify Conflicts in Marriage Using this Convenient Tool.

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