Includes Counselor's Guide and 10 FHA Booklets.

Family History Analysis Pkg/10
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Family History Analysis (FHA)
H. Norman Wright

Qualification Level: A

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As thousands of pastoral and professional counselors have discovered, The FHA is an indispensable tool for counseling – especially premarital counseling as the individual histories of the premarital couple are crucial to their future relationships.  Each packet in this set of ten contains eight pages of significant questions designed to help engaged couples thoroughly evaluate their own marriage model: their marital dreams, marital expectations, and attitudes and behaviors. 
Designed for use in preliminary consultations, the FHA is essentially a background check - gathering valuable information about family history, parental history and personal history - saving the counselor hours of investigative time!  Counselors can help couples evaluate their past and how it will affect their marriage with ease and efficiency.
The influence from the family-of-origin is measured in the following areas:
• Power in the Family - who makes decisions and how are they made? Are they based on skill and ability or age, sex and role concept?
• Dependency - who depends upon whom and to what degree?
• Individual Autonomy - Does each person have his or her own sense of autonomy and individuality?
• The style and expression of love and affection within the family
• Change - The reaction to change, how individuals view and handle it

Help Couples Prepare for Marriage by Using this Quick and Easy Questionnaire.

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