2018 Manual
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2018 Manual  and Handbook
Price: $208.50

2018 Manual and Handscoring Instructions
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T-JTA  Manual , Handscoring Section and Handbook

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T-JTA® Manual
*New 2018  7th Edition - English Only

The new 2018 7th Edition of the T-JTA Manual, contained in a loose-leaf binder, includes the following sections:

Manual Section
The T-JTA Manual contains information about T-JTA test administration, scoring T-JTA Online Administration, and comprehensive coverage of T-JTA interpretation.

• Introduction to the T-JTA
• Description and Use of the T-JTA
• History and Development of the T-JTA
• T-JTA Self Tests and Criss-Cross Tests
• Interpretation and Use of the Nine T-JTA Traits
• Interpretation and Use of T-JTA Trait Patterns
• Definitions of Computer Supplemental Scales
• Clinical Use of the T-JTA Profile
• Clinical Use of the T-JTA Report Booklets
• Interpretation of the Mid Count and Attitude Scale Score
• Guidelines for the Use of the T-JTA with Adolescents
• Research and Statistical Analysis: Validity and Reliability

The T-JTA's unique applicability for use with couples and family members is discussed thoroughly in the Criss-Cross sections of the Manual and includes fill examples of Criss-Cross Scoring and Interpretation.

A T-JTA Manual is required for new users. The T-JTA Manual is also recommended for users who wish to replace their earlier Manuals with the current version.

T-JTA® Handbook
*New 2018  7th Edition - English Only

Handbook Section

The T-JTA handbook serves to strengthen and increase the counselor's skills in using the T-JTA. It provides invaluable clinical training and actual test interpretations of selected cases. Each sample profile is discussed in the context of of a clinical history, along with suggestions for using the T-JTA to encourage individual growth and change, and improve interpersonal relationships. The T-JTA Handbook contains additional information on the following:

• Administering the T-JTA
• Use and Interpretation of the T-JTA Profile
• The Meaning and Interpretation of Mid and Attitude Scale Scores
• The Meaning and Interpretation of the Nine T-JTA Bipolar Personality Traits
• Detailed descriptions of how to use the T-JTA to assess individual functioning and relationships, to identify similarities, differences, or areas or misunderstanding.
• T-JTA Trait Patterns
• Suggestions for using T-JTA test results to determine counseling or therapuetic goals, and to evaluate progress and change
• Discussing T-JTA Results with Counselees
• Interpreting a Complete T-JTA Marital Criss-Cross Testing with Quiz following.
• Interpreting a Pre-marital Criss-Cross Testing
• Utilizing the T-JTA in Educational and Vocational Counseling
• Utilizing the T-JTA in Individual Counseling
• Ethical Considerations
• Statistical Explanations and Examples
• PPI's T-JTA Online Scoring Service
• Actual case examples accompanied by clinical histories and detailed interpretations with 25 plotted T-JTA Profiles.

T-JTA®  Handscoring Section
*New - English Only

T-JTA Handscoring Instructions Section

The Handscoring Instruction Section contains a complete description, sample tests, and instructions for use of T-JTA Handscoring materials. Included are instructions that cover the following:

• Administration Instructions
• Scoring
• Sample Tests to practice scoring
• Step-by-Step Instructions for Scoring

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