2012 T-JTA Norms are not sold separately in print.

They are included in T-JTA Computer Scoring Software
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T-JTA® 2012 Norms
Announcing a New Era of Excellence

PPI announces a major revision of the T-JTA Percentile and Sten Norms!  Based on data collected from over 88,000 tests, the 2012 norms contain the most current and comprehensive data available for the most accurate, reliable test results!

 New 2012 Norms include the following age-based population groups:

• Adolescent Males (N-687) ages 11 to 17
• Adolescent Females (N-977) ages 12 to 17
• Young Adult Males (N-14689) ages 18 to 25
• Young Adult Females (N=11861) ages 18 to 25
• General Adult Males (N=28918) ages 26 to 54
• General Adult Females (N=27000) ages 26 to 54
• Senior Adult Males (N=2184) ages 55 & above
• Senior Adult Females (N=1951) ages 55 & above

Preferred by professional and pastoral counselors for over 40 years, the T-JTA remains the most effective and visually impressive counseling assessment for the new millennium!

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