T-JTA Trait Suggestion Sheets are not sold separately in print.

They are used in the T-JTA Online Scoring Service
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They are included in T-JTA Computer Scoring Software
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Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis®
Trait Suggestion Sheets

Now you can send additional information home with your client!
Trait Suggestion Sheets can be generated for you when you use the Online T-JTA Scoring Service, Mail-in Scoring Service or T-JTA Computer Scoring Software,  You choose which traits suggestions to generate, or automatic selection is available for scores falling in the "improvement desirable", "improvement needed" zones.

Use the Trait Suggestion Sheets to help improve personal functioning in each of the trait area. There 13 different Trait Suggestion Sheets for T-JTA traits where improvement may be indicated.  Each sheet lists a number of suggestions for improvement in that trait area.  These Suggestion Sheets can be sent home with the person you are counseling, or any relevant suggestions can be incorporated into your counseling sessions.

Trait A: Suggestions For Reducing Nervousness
Trait B: Suggestions For Decreasing Depression
Trait C: Suggestions For People Who Are Low In Active Social
Trait C: How To Overcome Shyness  (Subtheme of Trait C)
Trait C: Suggestions For Clients Who Are Overly Active
Trait D: Suggestions To Improve Expressiveness And Responsiveness
Trait E: Suggested Methods of Increasing Sympathy
Trait F: Suggestions For Increasing Objectivity
Trait G: Suggestions For Decreasing Dominance
Trait G: Suggestions For Decreasing Submissiveness
Trait H: Suggestions For Reducing Hostility
Trait I: Suggestions For Increasing Self-Discipline & Reducing Impulsiveness
Trait I: Suggestions For Decreasing Rigidity

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