Become a T-JTA Authorized Instructor

Be the Ripple Effect

Become a T-JTA® Authorized Instructor.

Psychological Publications, Inc. currently maintains a list of authorized instructors worldwide who provide training in the use of the T-JTA®. If you are an experienced T-JTA administrator and are interested in providing training for colleagues, students, and/or other qualified counselors in your area, consider becoming a T-JTA Authorized Instructor. There are no fees or membership dues. You can apply to become a T-JTA Authorized Instructor by submitting an application.

Teaching helping professionals or aspiring counselors about the T-JTA is like dropping a stone in a pond; small waves can reach distant shores. Counselors who attend T-JTA trainings go on to touch countless lives, and do so with greater effectiveness because they possess an extraordinary tool.

Exclusive Benefits

  • Discounts on T-JTA Counselor Kits
  • Free training aids and materials, including a PowerPoint presentation and End of Course Exam
  • Your trainer status listed on the official T-JTA website
  • Streamlined approval process for trainees
  • Complimentary use of T-JTA Online for trainees to take the T-JTA on themselves
  • Promotion of your T-JTA training seminars on the official T-JTA website

Eligibility Requirements

  • Considerable experience with T-JTA administration and interpretation.
  • An advanced degree (at least a Masters) from an accredited university or seminary with a foundation in counseling.